Educators in VR (EDVR) hosts and produces over 800 VR events in AltspaceVR and across the metaverse connecting educators, students, researchers, trainers, and businesses with the power of immersive education.

Educators in VR is an international membership and educational organization offering training and consultation services and supports 25 special interest groups called Teams exploring the diverse niches in the XR industry including aviation and flight training, language learning, homeschooling, virtual hardware, theatre performance and production, medical and healthcare, world building, XR business, etc.

Educators in VR hosts training sessions for AltspaceVR users including event hosting, moderation, production, world building, and 2D training to help educators and community members build their social and event VR skills.

Educators in VR events are in English and we feature a popular Educadores en Español VR, Spanish speaking version of Educators in VR.

Their annual conference is the Educators in VR UniVirtual Experience, a free, must-attend event for those exploring immersive education.

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