Hello there! Welcome to VR Beatbox! We are here to bring our passion for beatboxing into the wonderful world of virtual reality to share with everyone we can.

Beatboxing is the artform of making music with nothing but your body. We use beatbox to connect with others, make friends, and express ourselves creatively. We hope to inspire others begin their beatboxing journey with us and our events.

Beatboxing is especially great in virtual reality because there is so much opportunity for newcomers to perform and improve their craft in front of a captive audience. Also, because you don't need any equipment, beatboxing is easy to do while wearing a VR headset. Performing in VR has been a great way to improve on our music and performing skills in and out of the virtual world, and we hope that we can share that experience with more people.

The beatboxing community is accepting of new members and encourages beginners to keep at it! We have been inspired by the artist who come before us and hope to pass that on to new members of our community.