Diversity: Autism Awareness & Acceptance

Educators in VR Diversity Project


Dr. Damian Milton, specialist in autism and learning disabilities, will be interviewed by Anna Xygkou, PhD researcher at University of Kent, UK, and a project leader for the Diversity and Access Project for Educators in VR.

The interview event starts with a short film explaining the theories of monotropism and flow states as applied to autistic ways of being, followed by an interview looking into the following topics:

  • Autistic ways of being.
  • Neurodiversity and the social model of disability.
  • Autism awareness and autism acceptance.
  • The theory of the double empathy problem.
  • Working with autistic people.
  • Autism and technology.

Dr. Milton sums up this specialized research in his paper on The Double Empathy Problem PDF as the theory of when people with very different experiences of the world interact with one another, they struggle to empathise with each other, exacerbated by differences in language use and comprehension. There is a breakdown in reciprocity and mutual understanding that happens between people of very differing ways of experiencing the world. His research explores how to common language and reference points to challenge the double empathy problem in training programmes for the National Autistic Society and the ATLASS training by Studio 2 and other agencies dealing with this challenge.

Damian Milton is a part-time lecturer at the University of Kent in Intellectual and Development Disabilities, and he works for the National Autistic Society as an autism knowledge and expertise consultant.

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