Hybrid Social VR & Physical Conferences the Future? You Tell Us!


Remember high school AV club? AV stands for Audio Visual, about which Urban Dictionary says: "A typical school extra-curricular club that in the 60s - early 90s used to be very nerdy and uncool" LOL? Not so fast! The size of the AV industry is (was, just before Covid19) $0.3T (Trillion!). Live events & AV took it on the chin recently due to social distancing. Most events are now virtual. Live AV events are coming back, but since virtual events aren't going away, there's new emphasis on hybrid events with integrated in-person, face-to-face and virtual, on-line experiences. Using first-principles from the science of collective intelligence (group intelligence emerging from collaboration & collective efforts of many individuals), what role can and will social VR play in these new hybrid events and conferences? Come prepared to pitch in, conversation-wise, to crowdsource the future of mashed-up real-world and virtual intellectual engagements.

The State Of The AV Industry 2020

Note, three conferences happening during our meetup may contain clues: Collective Intelligence 2020, exploring the impact of technology and big data on the ways people come together to communicate, combine knowledge and get work done (https://ci2020.weebly.com/ ). InfoComm Connected 2020, a virtual audiovisual and integrated experience event (https://www.infocommshow.org/). And ACM International Conference on Interactive Media Experiences. Consider attending one or more (virtually for a modest sum) and give us a readout of what you learn and experience to help us achieve our collective goals!

Oh, and check this very interesting set of interviews from 2007!

This event is unaffiliated with any of the above conferences.

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