Tom Furness, Virtual World Society, Interviewed

Students in VR


Kayla Jumper and Lawson Soukop of Students in VR interview Tom Furness about his vision for youth and the future of virtual reality. They will ask him how he can bridge the digital divide to make virtual reality accessible to all children and young learners.

Dr. Tom Furness, the *founder of the Virtual World Society and 'Grandfather of VR', * discusses the VR Manifesto that addresses the issues, challenges, and future of VR including safety concerns, and how these problems can ameliorated and lead to guidelines for VR design and use. He is looking forward to active participation from attendees in the ensuing discussion.

Dr. Thomas A. Furness III

Professor & International Director
Human Interface Technology Laboratory
University of Washington
Seattle, Washington USA

Dr. Tom Furness is a professor, inventor, and entrepreneur who has worked continuously on the development of virtual reality technology for 54 years and earned the title "Grandfather of Virtual Reality." He is Professor in the University of Washington Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering, and the founder of the Human Interface Technology Lab at the University of Washington and its sister labs at the University of Canterbury and University of Tasmania. He is known for his contributions developing virtual interface technology and its applications in education, training, medicine, design and entertainment. He and his students and colleagues have spun off 27 companies in the immersive computing space. He is also the general manager and owner of the RATLab (Rocking and Thinking Laboratory), the Founder of the Virtual World Society and a Fellow in the IEEE.

Students in VR

Students in VR Website is a student-led and produced project from Educators in VR presenting meetups, workshops, and conferences for and with students across multiple VR platforms.

Kayla Jumper is a student in rural Oklahoma and Lawson Soukop a student from San Diego, active leaders in Students in VR.

NOTE: This is a Students in VR Take-Over of the Educators in VR Weekly Workshops in August.

Students in VR will be participating in the upcoming YOUNGA student take-over of the United Nations.


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