Students in VR: Dr. Angelina Dayton

Educators in VR Workshop


Dr. Angelina Dayton, Director of Students in VR, will share updates, information, and details about this youth-directed project for Educators in VR and the upcoming Students in VR Conference October 29-30.

Students in VR provides an opportunity for student leadership and development in VR, AR, and XR education. The students hosts regular events in AltspaceVR and other VR platforms discussing the topics of interest to them and their peers including world building, design and development, socialization, historical preservation, climate change, photogrammertry, 360/VR video, and more. They are not only expanding their extended reality skills, they are the future of innovation in technology.

Dr. Angelina Dayton is well-known as the VRLady. She is associated with the Oaks Indian Mission, started in 1801 to support education for the Cherokee and Oaks Indian Mission students. She is a virtual reality user experience designer, speaker, consultant and trainer. Her specialty is design and deployment of virtual reality user experiences into complex organizations such as public schools. Her expertise is based on an anthropological assessment of how best to integrate emerging technology into highly structured, low-resourced environments. Her current projects involve large scale deployment within rural schools in the Cherokee Nation and Navajo Nation boundaries: over 50 schools with over 15,000 students piloting curated content based on state academic standards.

Educators in VR is dedicated to integrating VR, AR, and XR into education and business. Join us for a welcome to the new educational year and to learn more about Educators in VR, their projects, and how to become involved.

Educators in VR started in AltspaceVR when educators came together to solve their common challenges, and has grown to over 2,500 members from around the world, 16+ Team Projects (special interest groups), and they host over 600 free and paid workshops, training, classes, and conferences annually in VR.

Join us for our weekly Educators in VR workshop featuring topics on VR, AR, XR, and MR in education with guest speakers and some of our popular Educators in VR training sessions.

Educators in VR hosts weekly workshops in AltspaceVR on Tuesdays, as well as throughout the week for special events and team project workshops in AltspaceVR and other VR platforms. Join our Educators in VR AltspaceVR channel for updates to upcoming events. To get the most out of our growing community, join the conversation and browse through a vast bank of resources on our Educators in VR Discord, Facebook group, @educatorsvr Twitter, and website Educators in VR for information. We often live stream or record presentations and workshops on our Educators in VR YouTube channel.


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