Healthcare Simulation & Process Improvement in Virtual Reality!

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Join an MD with an industrial engineering degree to discuss healthcare & simulation process improvement in virtual reality! Health Systems Chat in Social VR began over two years ago and has held over 100 weekly events looking at health systems, subsystems and supersystems (systems within which our health systems are embedded) such as climate, food, water, and even politics! Meetup in a simulated hospital in social virtual reality to chat about Healthcare Simulation & Process Improvement in VR!

RE health systems engineering (from Wikipedia):

Health Systems Engineering is an academic and a pragmatic discipline that approaches the health care industry, and other industries connected with health care delivery, as complex adaptive systems, and identifies and applies engineering design and analysis principles in such areas. This can overlap with biomedical engineering which focuses on design and development of various medical products; industrial engineering and operations management which involve improving organizational operations; and various health care practice fields like medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, nursing, etc. Other fields participating in this interdisciplinary area include public health, information technology, management studies, and regulatory law. People whose work implicates this field in some capacity can include members of all the above-noted fields, many of which have sub-fields targeted toward health care matters even if health or health care is not a principal focus of the overall field (e.g. management, law). Areas of biomedical engineering (BME) in this area often include clinical engineering (sometimes also called "hospital engineering") as well as those BMEs developing medical devices and pharmaceutical drugs. The industrial engineering (IE) principles employed tend to include optimization, decision analysis, human factors engineering, quality engineering, and value engineering. (adapted from Wikipedia)

This informal online meetup in social virtual reality is not affiliated with either the 2021 Healthcare Systems Process Improvement Conference or the 2021 International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare but we hope you attend both and share your experience!

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