XR Medical & Healthcare Meetup

Educators in VR Workshop


Passionate about XR in medicine and healthcare?

Educators in VR's Medical and Healthcare Project Team members engage healthcare practitioners, managers and subject matter experts, who are actively applying immersive technologies to advance patient care and improve access, delivery and management of healthcare services.

Team members will explore, research, produce and manage content that educates and informs on immersive healthcare topics, including: tele-medicine, medical & wellness applications, disability, mental health, management and technology, and other healthcare-related topics.

Come join us and help us make the future today.

Educators in VR is dedicated to integrating VR, AR, and XR into education and business. Join us for a welcome to the new educational year and to learn more about Educators in VR, their projects, and how to become involved.

Educators in VR started in AltspaceVR when educators came together to solve their common challenges, and has grown to over 2,500 members from around the world, 16+ Team Projects (special interest groups), and they host over 600 free and paid workshops, training, classes, and conferences annually in VR.

Educators in VR hosts free and paid workshops and classes weekly covering a wide variety of educational topics including workshops on VR, AR, XR, and MR in education in AltspaceVR, ENGAGE, VirBELA, and other social and virtual platforms to support education in VR, AR, and XR.

Join the Educators in VR AltspaceVR channel to keep track of our events, and become a member of our Discord. You may find more information on our website, Educators in VR.