Shamanic Drum Session with White Buffalo Woman

Educators in VR vCoaching & Personal Development Team


Viola becomes an oracle when she is working with the White Buffalo energy, she uses different types of trance states, Tarot cards, hypnosis, shamanic journeys, and drum ceremonies. The drum plays an important role in buffalo shamanism.

Viola, the White Buffalo Woman, works closely with nature, the elements fire, water, earth, and earth, the four winds,  archangels, and other spirit beings. A real Shaman for over 20 years, she helps people & organizes sacred journeys around the world including the Druid Summer Solstice at Stonehenge.

Shamanism has its origins all over the world and is as old as mankind. The shaman communicates between spirits and souls in the spirit worlds and humans. The Shamanic Journey is a shamanic trance, accompanied by the drumming of the white buffalo woman, to travel to the otherworld. The White Buffalo Woman acts as a mediator between the worlds and beings.

This is a workshop, not a therapy session.

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