vLanguage Learning: Immerse VLEP

Educators in VR Team Project


Educators in VR vLanguage Learning Team Project explores learning language, foreign language, language skills, translation, and art of language in the virtual learning environment. This meetup will introduce the Immerse VLEP VR English Language Education Platform.

Christian Rowe, Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer of Immerse Virtual Language Experience Platform (VLEP) platform, will discuss how it creates and delivers synchronous English language learning experiences. It allows any language teacher (regardless of technical skills) to facilitate fun and engaging VR experiences that will help learners continue to improve their language proficiency and allow engagement, wherever they are. The Immerse VLEP translates best practices in task based and problem based learning into highly effective and engaging virtual learning experiences.

Research on virtual reality shows that the experience of being immersed and fully engaged in tasks and problem-oriented learning improves learner self-efficacy and language cognition.

Join us as we explore the uses of VR/AR/XR/MR in the spatial learning and immersive experience of today and the future.

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