Virtual World Tour 2.0 (Danish lg.)

SiliconHagen Meetup


Danish Language Event

SiliconHagen invites you to our next Virtual World Tour.

Have you considered new, alternative, online-teaching tools that would offer more variation in the current situation with online classes? In a time when everything and everyone are connected through a screen and an internet connection, we have been forced to become innovative and think of new solutions in order to make everything work, day to day.

SiliconHagen strives to contribute to the fantastic work that educators and teachers across the country do every day. We want to show you that online classes can be turned into an advantage where you can utilize the virtual space and improve your teaching in the virtual universe.

This event will be an introduction to VR worlds. SiliconHagen will take you on a tour through virtual spaces. The focus of this event will be on teaching and VR, showing how the two can work together. Go on a virtual, guided tour in the immersive virtual space, to get tips and ideas as to how you can implement VR in your teaching.

This is a series of regular meet-ups for SiliconHagen to meet in AltSpaceVR and bring together the Danish educational community to work together toward the future.

To learn more about what they are doing, check out the SiliconHagen website, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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