World Tours Training Camp

World Builders Tour


The World Tours Team is hosting a World Tours Training Camp to train our team on how to lead tours of worlds. If you would like to join our team of world tour leaders for our Wednesday World Tours, come on down!

The Wednesday World Tours Team has led tours through AltspaceVR worlds for two years and collaborates with other groups to provide tours and build worlds for community-wide projects like the Halloween World Tours, Earth Day Celebrations, Parade Floats, and other holiday and community projects.

Join our World Builders Discord Group for tips, tricks, and techniques. We offer lists of the worlds we've toured in the past, and are eager for you to share your public world with us as we may visit it.

We have a wide selection of tutorial worlds that may be found with the World search function on the AltspaceVR website: world building. We're eager to include more tutorial worlds in our collection, too.

We also offer monthly world building challenges to encourage you to build your own worlds.

For more information on world building, see AltspaceVR World Building Help Documents and join the World Builders Discord Group, and check out the weekly World Building events, classes, and workshops on the AltspaceVR event calendar.