Virtual World Tours

World Builders Tour


Join the World Tours Team for a fascinating tour and discussion on building virtual worlds in AltspaceVR. We explore a diverse range of worlds based upon a theme by topic or world building skill.

Join our World Builders Discord Group for tips, tricks, and techniques. For over two years, we've explored the furthest reaches of the creative universe of world builders here in AltspaceVR. We offer lists of the worlds we've toured in the past, and are eager for you to share your public world with us as we may visit it.

We also offer monthly world building challenges to encourage you to build your own worlds.

Each week we highlight the worlds of a world builder here in AltspaceVR, traveling from valleys and villages to outer space and beyond the imagination. Join the tour to explore the possibilities and be inspired to build your own.

We begin in a event space, then move through teleporters and portals to the various worlds.

If you get lost during the tour, click Worlds then Popular to find your way back to the group.

For more information on world building, see AltspaceVR World Building Help Documents, join the World Builders Discord Group, subscribe to our events channel, and check out the weekly World Building events, classes, and workshops on the AltspaceVR event calendar.