BRCvr - Friday Night Party & Connected Experience


Come to the Friday Night Party with DJ Anton Tumas - at the Connected Experience - a preview 2021 BRCvr world.

Through technology we are all hyper-connected, yet loneliness has become the disease of our time. Using biofeedback and artistic expression we offer an experience to help people connect better with themselves and others through the artistic visualization of real-time biofeedback data in the virtual and physical worlds. Bridging the gap between imagination and reality, our goal is to help drive technology development at the humanitarian level to help heal the world.

Ideation/Concept Design/3D Modeling The Hebrew Hammer ‘aka’ Brian Krawitz

Mixed Reality Extension Kai and Luminosity

Biofeedback Devices Mohan Kumar

Ross ‘Robo’ Bochnek DIY Arduino

Interactive Shader James Allen

Spiritual Science Johnny Browaeys

Technical Advisors Bracer Jack Steve Tietze Peter King