Metaverse Meets Health: Wednesday During 2022 HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition and IEEE VR 2022

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Imagine a wormhole between conferences on opposite sides of the planet, one in New Zealand & one in Florida. One focusing on health IT, one on virtual reality. Now imagine attending the same meetup at both conferences. Impossible? NO! Possible! Via the Metaverse! This is our 5th year of 18-hours online in social VR during HIMSS*, the largest heath IT & digital health conference in the world. And our 3rd year of hosting a meetup during IEEEVR, the premier international venue for the presentation of research results in the broad area of virtual reality. This year these two incredible conferences overlap. So grab your VR headset and hang-out floating above both Orlando, Florida and Christchurch, New Zealand (just ask me to toggle back and forth). Our informal online meetup in social virtual reality is unaffiliated with the HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition or the IEEE VR conference, but we hope you'll attend both plus our informal online meetup in social virtual reality and share what you learn and experience.

*HIMSS stands for The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society. HIMSS is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to promote the best use of IT and management systems in the healthcare industry. I (Chuck Webster, MD, MSIS, MSIE, @wareFLO on Twitter) have been attending HIMSS events since 1994, and was a HIMSS Social Media Ambassador for all six years the program.

HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition

IEEE VR 2022