Healthcare VR… In VR: Health IT Social Media (#HITsm) Joins The Metaverse! Guest Hosts @TechGuy & @JoeDesiderio

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What happens when you replace a popular tweet chat with a social virtual reality event? In a cool lounge floating above the Las Vegas Strip? Let's find out! I (@wareFLO on Twitter) often participate #HITsm tweetchat (Health IT Social Media, Friday, Noon, 1-2PM), moderated by John Lynn (@TechGuy on Twitter). John, Joe Desiderio (@JoeDesiderio on Twitter) will host our event. If you are from John Lynn's large Twitter community but new to social VR, feel free to DM @wareFLO for help. No VR headset? Consult several links below regarding non-VR Win10 & Mac clients. If you re from our Sci Tech Chat/Health Systems Chat social VR community, please help me show off how entertaining and educational social VR meetups can be!

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T1: "Metaverse" is everywhere in headlines, news & opinion pieces. What is it? Over-hyped? How will health IT be affected? How can vendors participate? Join @techguy @JoeDesiderio to discuss in the #HITsm #socialVR #Metaverse!

T2: VR therapy has much potential. Your fav applications? What are VR-based digital health unique marketing angles? Join @techguy @JoeDesiderio to discuss in the #HITsm #socialVR #Metaverse!

T3: The "Metaverse" is more than just #socialVR, it's augmented reality too. How will patients, clinicians & HC workers experience the Metaverse w/out VR headsets? Join @techguy @JoeDesiderio to discuss in the #HITsm #socialVR #Metaverse!

T4: New VR headsets & AR glasses are coming. What your priorities re price, size, weight, appearance, functionality, etc? Join @techguy @JoeDesiderio to discuss in the #HITsm #socialVR #Metaverse!

T5: If inexpensive VR/AR glasses are ubiquitous in 5 years, what do you see yourself (patient, physician, manager, HIT staff, marketer, etc) doing every day in the "Metaverse"? Join @techguy @JoeDesiderio to discuss in #HITsm #socialVR!

Bonus: Ask @techguy @JoeDesiderio @wareFLO anything! #HITsm

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