GOLF+? TOPGOLF? Love them both & looking to connect with GOLF+ers and TOPGOLFERs in Altspace VR

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(At end of event go to GOLF+ & look for public game named Altspace!) Connect w/VR golf lovers at our Sci Tech Chat online social VR event about golf science, physics, technology, history, culture, and (of course), your favorite golf jokes, stories, players and courses during and after two large golf trade shows: PGA (Jan 25-28) and GCSAA (Feb 5-10). I am especially interested in finding Altspacers who play GOLF+ and/or love TOPGOLF's amazing driving ranges. After a long decline, interest in golf is surging! Join us in social VR to discuss all things golf during and after two large golf trade shows. Due to safer outdoor social distancing, more flexible work schedules, and transformation of golf from mere sport into popular entertainment, golfers played twenty percent more rounds in 2021 than pre-pandemic. Will the golf boom continue? Gather together online in virtual reality to discuss anything & everything golf, from your favorite players and courses to humorous personal stories, from the physics and engineering of golf swings and equipment to your favorite VR golf games. We will also focus on the many, major health benefits of hitting the links. Our informal online meetup in social virtual reality is unaffiliated with GOLF+, TOPGOLF, GCSAA or PGA, but we hope you'll buy, visit, or attend all and share your experience and learnings with us.

GCSAA Conference & Tradeshow

PGA Show


GOLF+ on Quest


Science of Golf Balls

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math of Golf

10 health benefits of golf

Laws of Physics in Golf

10th World Scientific Congress of Golf (September 12-15 2022)

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