From 2D to 3D. How businesses can become Metaverse-ready.


The Metaverse will forever change the way we communicate, shop and interact. There's a massive paradigm shift from a 2D internet to 3D immersive worlds underway.

During our next event, we'll discuss how to move from existing 2D information to 3D assets. And then how to share those assets within a company and why.

This isnt another Zoom meeting. Virtual Reality Marketing and Reality Innovators Network welcome you to a Metaverse Networking event in partnership with Coninvr.

Come and join us in the Metaverse: network with industry professionals, listen to our speakers and meet them in person - or simply just hang out and have a great time!

Were bringing together XR professionals, entrepreneurs and tech creatives in an immersive experience. And everyone's invited, you can join from your PC or Mac or get an even better experience with a VR headset!

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