MC Skibadee Tribute DnB Event @ Bassline Beach | DDVR

All junglists unite to share the love for a lost drum & bass legend


The team here at Different Drumz (as well as millions of junglists worldwide) are extremely sad to hear the recent news of the passing of the one and only MC Skibadee so we are putting on a tribute event where fans from around the world can get together in one of our bespoke DDVR worlds and listen to some of the best and most legendary sets from various artists and previous events that feature the original master of ceremonies MC Skibadee!

Alphonso Castro K. Bondzie a.k.a MC Skibadee or Skiba is/was an iconic, multi-award-winning and very influential British drum and bass artist / MC that has set the standard for drum and bass MCs as a pioneering MC and absolute legend in the scene since 1993! Sadly he passed away on 27th Feb 2022 at the young age of 47, leaving a massive hole in the drum and bass scene and affecting many lives of not only his friends and family but millions of ravers and junglists worldwide so we are putting this tribute event on to get people together to share the love and appreciation for the man himself and say ''R.I.P MC Skibadee'' from junglists worldwide!!

This VR event will be held at our all-new custom-built world 'Bassline Beach' where you can meet and chat with fellow Skiba fans from around the world while listening to a playlist of our favourite sets that we have put together from various artists and promoters at previous events & live shows...

  • SETS ON THE NIGHT (Audio / Video) -

Mampi Swift ft. Stevie Hyper D, Shabba D, Skibadee, Five O & Navigator - Oldschool Jungle Set @ Telepathy

Micky Finn ft. Skibadee & Stevie Hyper D @ One Nation Clash of the Titans (1996)

DJ Micky Finn ft. MCs Stevie Hyper D, Det & Skibadee Live @ Roast 97

Jumping Jack Frost ft. MCs Skibadee, Stevie Hyper D & Bassman @ One Nation (1997)

Knowledge Magazine Present - Bryan Gee & Skibadee Live @ Movement | Bar Rumba (1998)

D&BTV Live #214 - The Prototypes present Odyssey ft. MCs Skibadee & Eksman

Jungle Mania Present - The Junglist Book with Bladerunner & Skibadee

Jumping Jack Frost ft MC Skibadee @ Gaff Club

DJ Brockie ft. MCs Det, Skibadee & Shabba @ Jungle Fever (2000)

D&B Allstars - Alchemist & Skibadee Live @ E1 (2021)